A Window of Opportunity


The current economic crisis is in full blossom all around the planet.  It looks like everything we have built over the last years is coming to the total standstill. Millions and millions of people are struggling to find a job: doctors, engineers, business professionals, scientists.  For now, it does not look like the situation with unemployment is changing for better.

Another worrying question that comes to my mind is what about our younger generation?  How can they be sure that in some 3-5 years, after they complete their universities and become newly-qualified lawyers, economists, teachers, some new job opportunities will impatiently be waiting for them?  I don’t think that we can find a brave politician or economist who can confirm with confidence that in a couple of years we  will all reach the period of economical stability and everlasting happiness. The question which we face right now is: how to adapt ourselves to the current situation and make a decent living?

I can think of a few ways of dealing with the situation:

1. Sit back and relax. One way or another, something will definitely change in the world.

2. Start crying and blaming politicians, bankers and the New World Order that your life is going down the drain.

3. Look around, analyze the situation, find out what the world needs right now and ACT.

Globalization created a lot of good and bad things for the world.  One of the most urgent needs is a good command of English. The specialists in all industries and spheres of life experience an immense pressure, called “lack of English.”  You are lucky if you speak English, but imagine how many people don’t have this knowledge?


So, just before we reach a paradise of stability, and before you become a new Einstein, Dumas or Tony Blair, think about what you can do right now in order to make your dreams come true. What if you start with a small step: take a teacher training course (TESOL/TEFL for instance), choose the country you would love to live in for a while and become an English teacher?  A four-week course is not an eternity, but an exciting opportunity to start building your future right now!

Please feel free to visit our website pages and good luck!  Let’s start this ride now!